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8th Annual Love Your Lagoon
Quail Valley River Club
6:00 pm

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​The Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute Foundation’s 
Seventh Annual ‘Love Your Lagoon’ 
Another Sold-Out Success

FORT PIERCE, FL. (February 5, 2018) Once again, the work of local graduate students conducting research on the Indian River Lagoon will continue, thanks to proceeds from the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute Foundation’s (HBOIF) highly successful “Love Your Lagoon” event. The seventh annual sold-out event recently took place at the Quail Valley River Club, raising critical funding to benefit research and outreach on the Indian River Lagoon by the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at FAU (HBOI).  

Proceeds from the event will fund the 2018 Indian River Lagoon Graduate Research Fellows program, supporting the work of graduate students involved in direct Indian River Lagoon research at HBOI. Each student will be mentored by an HBOI Faculty Member at the HBOI campus. The competitive process will result in support for salary, tuition, travel to present research, and/or necessary materials. Fellows will ultimately present their research at the 2019 Indian River Lagoon Symposium as well as the FAU Charles E. Schmidt College of Science Graduate Research Day.
In addition, proceeds from this year’s event will support the 2018 Indian River Lagoon Symposium – “Restoration of the Indian River Lagoon.” The Indian River Lagoon Symposium is a multi-institutional, multi-agency effort to provide a forum for discussing Indian River Lagoon science and its application to management of the lagoon. To be held February 8 and 9, 2018 at HBOI, the Symposium is attended by more than 600 over the course of two days.

Traditionally, HBOIF has named an honoree at each of its previous events. Past honorees have included the Florida environmental pioneer, Nathaniel Reed, in 2012;; The late, great land and lagoon protector, Alto “Bud” Adams, Jr. in 2013; Vero’s First Lady, Alma Lee Loy, in 2014; lagoon advocate, Florida Oceanographic Society’s Mark Perry, in 2015; the Smithsonian’s early lagoon champion Dr. Mary Rice, in 2016; and the woman who coined the name “Indian River Lagoon” as well as so much more, Diane Barile, in 2017.

HBOIF Funded 2017 Indian River Lagoon Graduate Research Fellows

Sitting left to right: Katha Kissman, HBOIF President/CEO, Bret Kaiser, Aaron Duecaster, Grace Rosker, Carlie Perricone, Breanna DeGroot, Sarah Denka,Jordan Madio
Standing left to right: David Bradshaw, Brandon McHenry, Peter McCarthy, Ph.D.

The 2018 Honorees are the Principal Investigators proudly funded by HBOIF

Sitting/kneeling left to right: Katha Kissman, HBOIF President/CEO, Guojun Wang, Ph.D., Esther Guzman, Marilyn Mazzoil, B.S. & Anni Vuorenkoski Dalgleish, Ph.D.
Standing left to right: Jim Sullivan, Ph.D., Dennis Hanisak, Ph.D., Adam Schaefer, M.P.H, Brian Lapointe, Ph.D., Matt Ajemian, Ph.D., Peter McCarthy, Ph.D., 
Michael O'Reilly, Chair, HBOIF Board of Directors , Laurent Cherubin, PhD., Mingshun Jiang, Ph.D., Michael Twardowski, Ph.D., Amy Wright, Ph.D., Nick Dickens, Ph.D., 
Fraser Dalgleish, Ph.D. & Paul Wills, Ph.D. 

  Matt Ajemian, Ph.D., Assistant Research Professor
Steve Burton, M.S., Marine Mammal Stranding Manager
Laurent Chérubin, Ph.D., Associate Research Professor
Fraser Dalgleish, Ph.D., Associate Research Professor
 Nick Dickens, Ph.D., Associate Research Professor
 Esther Guzmán, Ph.D., Associate Research Professor
Dennis Hanisak, Ph.D., Research Professor & Director of Marine Ecosystem Health Research
Mingshun JiangPh.D., Associate Research Professor
​Brian Lapointe, Ph.D., Research Professor
Susan LaramorePh.D., Associate Research Professor
 Marilyn Mazzoil, B.S., Research Associate
Peter McCarthy, Ph.D., Research Professor & Associate Director for Education
Greg O’Corry-Crowe, Ph.D., Research Professor
Bing Ouyang, Ph.D., Assistant Research Professor
Annie Page-Karjian, DVM, Ph.D., Assistant Research Professor/Clinical Veterinarian
 Shirley Pomponi, Ph.D., Research Professor & Executive Director, NOAA Cooperative Institute for Ocean Exploration, Research & Technology
John Reed, M.Sc., Research Professor
 Marty Riche, Ph.D., Research Professor
 Adam Schaefer, M.P.H., Research Coordinator & Epidemiologist
  Jim Sullivan, Ph.D., Research Professor
 Michael Twardowski, Ph.D., Research Professor
  Joshua Voss, Ph.D., Assistant Research Professor
 Anni Vuorenkoski Dalgleish, Ph.D., Assistant Research Professor
Guojun Wang, Ph.D., Assistant Research Professor
 Paul Wills, Ph.D., Research Professor & Associate Director for Research
Amy Wright, Ph.D., Research Professor

  Their collective and collaborative research and activities have contributed to a healthier Indian River Lagoon for us all.

2018 Love Your Lagoon Sponsors

Mangrove Sponsors
Mr. Joseph Z. Duke, III and Mrs. Jennifer Johnson Duke
Mr. Michael O'Reilly and Mrs. Marie O’Reilly
Seagrass Sponsors
Ms. Marjorie Raines & Mr. Harold Baker
Oyster Sponsors
The Children's Trust
Dolphin Sponsors
Evans Properties, Inc.
Mr. William J. Stewart, Esq. & Mrs. Laurie Kaneb-Stewart and
The Law Firm of Rossway Swan Tierney Barry Lacey & Oliver, P.L.
Mr. Michael Toner and Mrs. Carol Toner
Manatee Sponsors
Adams Ranch
Mr. Michael Brown, Sr. and Mrs. Mimi Brown
Mr. Wyatt Koch
The Law Firm of Dean, Mead, Minton & Zwemer
Mr. Ed Michelson and The Atlanta Consulting Group
Mr. Michael Minton and Mrs. Misty Minton
Wells Fargo Bank
Seahorse Sponsors
Mr. C. Amos Bussmann and Sea Technology Magazine
Dale Sorensen Real Estate, Inc.
Dr. Joseph Ferro and Mrs. Olivia Ferro
Florida Power and Light
Mr. Patrick Higgs and Mrs. Nancy Higgs
Ms. Katha Kissman
Kmetz, Nuttall, Elwell, Graham CPAs
Mrs. Clare Kremer
Ms. Marilyn C. Link
Martin Health Systems
Metz, Husband & Daughton, P.A.
The Mikita Foundation
Mr. David Moulton and Mrs. Elizabeth Moulton
OTT Hydromet
Mr. John Papa and Mrs. Barbara Papa
Jim & Jonnie Swann Corp.
Vero Insurance
Mr. Christopher Waln and Mrs. Janet Waln
Wyland Foundation
Lee P. and David N. Page
Dr. Mitchell Pincus and Mrs. Katherine Pincus


PHOTO CAPTIONS (photos are labeled) --

      •Brad Emmons, Rebecca Emmons, Becky Rossway, and Brad Rossway
      •Christina Kreiger and HBOI's Steve Burton
      •Cindy Gedeon, Harold Baker, Molly Steinwald
      •Dr. Peter McCarthy, Denise Fraile, Wyatt Koch, Hunter Hollar, John Allison
      •HBOIF 2018 Love Your Lagoon Honorees -- the HBOI Principal Investigators funded by HBOIF
      •HBOIF Funded 2017 Indian River Lagoon Graduate Research Fellows
      •HBOIF President Katha Kissman, HBOIF Chair Mike O'Reilly, Brian and Karen Cunningham
      •HBOIF Secretary Bill Stewart and Dr. Anni Vuorenkoski Dalgliesh
      •HBOIF Treasurer Marjorie Raines, Harold Baker, Eileen Hanley
      •HBOIF's 2015 Love Your Lagoon Honoree Mark Perry and 2017 Honoree Diane Barile
      •Stephanie Pickering, Indian River Community Foundation President Jeff Pickering
      •IRL Graduate Research Fellow Grace Roskar, Dr. Matt Ajemian, and IRL Graduate Research Fellow Breanna DeGroot
      •Karl Zimmermann, and Marcia Littlejohn

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Founded in 1971, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic University is a research community of marine scientists, engineers, educators and other professionals focused on Ocean Science for a Better World. The institute drives innovation in ocean engineering, at-sea operations, drug discovery and biotechnology from the oceans, coastal ecology and conservation, marine mammal research and conservation, aquaculture, ocean observing systems and marine education. For more information, visit